Leonie Lockwood, Yin Yoga Teacher

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is on the rise because people are beginning to understand that health and wellbeing is dependent on finding balance in all aspects of life. 

When I found Yin yoga, I knew I’d found my calling as a yoga teacher. Yin made deep intuitive sense and helped me connect to my whole being.

Through a combination of slow movement and long static holds that lead to deep release, Yin yoga strengthens and enhances the health of the body’s connective tissue framework, including the fascia, ligaments and tendons, as well as the joints and bones.

When practised regularly, Yin can release blockages and excess in the meridian pathways and the energetic hubs of the chakras, enhancing the flow of prana (energy) throughout the body.

Yin yoga also complements more dynamic (yang) forms of yoga and exercise, which primarily focus on strengthening muscular structures.

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