I thought the layout of this course was fantastic. With so much information to take in, I felt it was crafted and sequenced well so I never felt overwhelmed.Jessie Wenborn

I began practicing Yin with Leonie when I first moved to Melbourne 3 years ago. Whilst I have practiced Hatha for 20 years, I had only practiced Yin for 2 years before coming to Melbourne. She was one of three senior Yin teachers in Melbourne who inspired me to undertake Yin Teacher Training. I have enjoyed practicing with Leonie as she shares her passion for Yin, Fascia and the five elements in TCM. I had the opportunity to assist Leonie with L1 Yin Teacher Training in early 2018. She facilitated with a practical approach and applied skill supported by her depth of knowledge in functional anatomy and the Paul Grilley methodology including TCM, meditation, posture and sequencing clinics. The training workshop is suitable for both practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge of Yin Yoga and for yoga teachers who wish to expand into teaching Yin – the journey within. Amy Livingstone

I was drawn to Yin Teacher Training after experiencing the brilliant teachings of Leonie Lockwood. Leonie, has passion and commitment to her students in class, and this transfers to her facilitation of Yin TT. She has a tremendous depth of knowledge, and connects and engages with her students. The practical sessions were a highlight, as was the anatomy – who would’ve thought anatomy would be fun and light hearted! I highly recommend this 50 hour Yin TT for those wanting to explore Yin on a deeper level, and those wanting to pursue teaching Yin Yoga. The course has equipped me with the necessary skills to teach this style, and the added benefit it has taught me so much more than I would have ever expected. Not only has it given me the skills and knowledge to teach Yin, my other styles of yoga now take a more “Yin” approach to teaching. Thank you for such a positive, uplifting and knowledgable teacher training, I look forward to continuing the exploration. Yours in yoga.Kylie Penny.

Late last year, I completed my Yin Teacher Training and it was AWESOME!! Any yogis out there considering further studies I can’t recommend this course enough – perfect amount of knowledge shared over the three weekends, understanding of the skeleton & how everybody’s bodies are different, acknowledging that we are unique and our target area’s are also, being able to sing and dance and get in touch with our own mindful practices, and being free to think outside the box – what a powerful experience to share with your students. So much fun, knowledge & sharing was had, I can’t wait for level 2 & 3 training to be available.’ Amanda Pittard

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Leonie, your humility and gentleness were a pleasure and a delight. There is nothing more adverse to learning than sitting for extended periods of time listening to dialogue. That you kept such a large group alert and attentive and present for long days, is a credit to the work you put in. I particularly enjoyed the interactive and practical approach to bodies and how they move, where they feel and how it can be done differently.Alison Corsie

I’d had a bit of a love hate relationship with yin yoga over the last three years, which stemmed in part from the many forms of yoga purported to be yin yoga offered around the traps. So I entered this course with curiosity and limited expectations. After three intensive, thought-provoking and action-packed weekends, I gained a much deeper understanding about true yin yoga as well as about the human body in general (much of which is relevant to yang forms of yoga as well). Students are educated with a well thought out class structure mixing theory, practice, visuals, experimentation, discussion and a generous sprinkling of humour allowing us to build a solid yin yoga teaching foundation. Who knew that mostly lying around on the floor for three weekends could be so intensely enlightening!?!’ David Mentha

Leonie teaches in a very human and accessible way. While the information is thorough, there is also humour and flair, which helps to engage students and keep them interested. Leonie’s authenticity is refreshing and I would definitely recommend this course for this reason.’ Leanne Roulston

The course offered a broad range of knowledge and experience to help me cultivate/identify a way of teaching Yin that is MY essence.’ Moira Afford

Engaging, informative, thorough, revolutionary. Amazing great community atmosphere. Let me know of Yin Level 2.’ Katherine Donato

This Yin yoga teacher training in Melbourne was everything I was hoping for. The presentations and practical workshops were informative and the teaching was respectful, thorough and truly knowledgeable, in keeping with the philosophy of her mentors Paula and Suzee Grilley. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has embarked on practicing Yin or considering teacher training. The training makes this essential subject accessible for all.’ Mia Messenger