Terms and Conditions


Bookings for corporate yoga sessions can be taken via phone or email.


Payment for all home or corporate sessions (single or otherwise) is required up front, 48 hours prior to the commencement of the first class. A tax invoice will be provided upon confirmation of booking. Payments can be made via direct bank transfer and details provided at time of booking.

Health and wellbeing of students

It is essential that Flowing Life provides you with a safe and appropriate yoga class. This covers you and also our insurance. Upon booking, all visits to homes or workplaces will be provided with health information forms that must be completed by the participants detailing any relevant medical information that may impact on their ability to participate in a yoga class. These forms must be returned one week prior to the first class commencing so that Flowing Life can develop a safe, fun class. All health information is stored in accordance with the Victorian Privacy Act and Health Information Act.

Gift vouchers

All gift vouchers come with a 6 month expiry date from date of purchase. Extensions can only be provided under extenuating circumstances.


In an ideal world, there would be no complaints about Flowing Life’s service. However, from time to time a complaint may arise. Please contact Leonie Lockwood as soon as possible to discuss how best to resolve the issue.

Extensions of contract

Package corporate yoga contracts can be extended with one weeks’ notice, prior to the end date of the current contract between parties.


Package corporate yoga contracts can be terminated by either party with 2 weeks written notice.


Where Flowing Life is providing a class with equipment, access to onsite parking is appreciated.


We understand that occasionally a booked yoga class may need to be rescheduled on a one off basis. If this is the case, at least 24 hours notice is required. Any class cancelled within a 24 hour period of the set class time, will be charged for the appointment time. Should bulk purchases of classes need to change, 2 weeks’ notice is required to ensure teacher availability. Refunds will be provided for the remainder of the contract if two weeks’ written notice of cancellation is provided.