Level 2 Yin Yoga teacher training – The Energy Body is open to those wishing to deepen their practice beyond the performance of asana and offer their students a place of genuine self-enquiry. 60-hour certification is available upon completion of a 40-day Sadhana practice consisting of at least 15 minutes per day.

Topics include:
• Chakra theory and chakra purification meditation.
• Pranayama and bandha techniques to enhance chakra meditation.
• Mantra practice.
• Samkhya philosophy overview with the 5 Koshas & 3 Gunas
• Revision of TCM’s 12 main meridian pathways.
• Conception and Governor Vessel meridians.
• 5 element theory in depth.
• Developing a language of interoception and proprioception for your students.
• Somatic movement and touch.
• Assisted Yin and wall Yin.
• Group asana clinics.
• Asana practice, sequencing & advanced anatomy
• Self-enquiry practices.
• The seat of the teacher.

Web-based group calls are held throughout the program for support, and a comprehensive workbook is provided.
50 hours: contact hours = 45, non contact hours = 5
60 hours: contact hours = 45, non contact hours = 15

Early bird: $1200 (Until 2nd October 2018)
Full Price: $1350
Book both levels $1100 each level