Mindful Meditation

Need help building greater focus, clarity and attention? Keen to improve your emotional intelligence and leadership? Curious about why so many people sing the praises of meditation?  Meditation is the not-so-secret weapon of leaders in the business, spiritual, political realms. With countless styles and techniques to choose from, meditation can work for everyone,  guidance from a skilled meditation teacher will develop your practice quickly. 

Benefits of meditation include:

• Greater focus and concentration
• Enhanced periods of relaxation
• Moving into the flow of activities with greater ease
• Developing more constructive responses to stressful situations
• Increasing capacity to cope with inner emotional turbulence
• Better quality of sleep and ability to get to sleep
• Increased sensory awareness

Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation is a simple, single point of focus meditation practice.  The practice is enhanced through breath regulation (pranayama), the creation of locks (bandhas) in the body and the use of sound (mantra). These practices allow the practitioner to direct prana a.k.a chi within the body for energetic harmonisation.



Mindfulness Meditation
3x 20 min session
/ month
1 hour of mindfulness meditation delivered to your workplace.

In this hour, we deliver 3 sessions of 20 minutes each, allowing for up to 15 participants at a time to participate in chakra meditation training.

For bookings, phone Leonie on 0419 133 948.