Yin yoga

Leonie Lockwood, Yin Yoga Teacher

When I found Yin yoga, I knew I’d found my voice as a yoga teacher. This practice more than anything connected me to my whole being, stirred me profoundly and made deep intuitive sense.

Yin yoga is a blend of Chinese medicine, the ancient Indian yoga system and western science. It is a practice that balances the subtle energetic forces of mind, body and emotion by activating meridian pathways and chakra hubs through applying tension and compression to the body’s connective tissue framework.

Health of the fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones is strengthened through a combination of self myofascial release, slow movement and long static holds.

It complements other dynamic (yang) forms of yoga and exercise, which primarily focus on strengthening muscular structures.

When practised regularly, it releases blockages and excess in the meridian pathways and the energetic hubs of the chakras, enhancing the flow of chi (Qi) or prana (in yogic terminology) throughout the body.